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Above ground pools

All above ground pools contain the same main base of construction: liquid vinyl coated steel walls and steel, aluminum, or resin frames. Resin frames have a slower rate of corrosion which means they can last longer than steel or aluminum ones. Filtration systems may vary but are available. These pools should be set on level ground and are not meant for in ground installation.

Many above ground pools take up less space than in ground pools, but they are available in sizes as big as 16 by 32 feet. Depending on size and durability these pools can cost considerably less than their in ground counterpart. Smaller, simpler models can also be installed by owners themselves, foregoing the cost of installation.

For those who prefer the look of in ground pools, building a deck around an above ground pool can add to the aesthetic of the area. But for a shorter commitment the pools can be disassembled and reassembled making them a portable option.


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