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Automatic swimming pool cleaners

Using automatic swimming pool cleaners is one of the ways a pool owner can see to it that the pool gets clean with a minimum of back-breaking work. There are also some questions associated with these cleaners that some do not know to ask:

• Will above ground automatic pool cleaners pick up larger pieces of debris in the pool? Usually, yes. As long as there is a large filter opening (which most pools have) there should not be any kind of problem in doing this.

• How often should filters be changed? Not as often as you might think. Although there are different factors that play into this decision, as a general rule filters only need to be replaced once every two or three years.

• Can I swim when above ground automatic pool cleaners are in the pool? The simple answer is yes, but the best answer is no. While most makers of these cleaners do things to reduce the likelihood of any kind of an electrical shock, there really is no reason to take a chance. Wait for the cleaners to finish before you take a dip.

Automatic swimming pool cleaners are made to work well. As long as you use them the way in which they are intended, you should be able to have a clean pool in which to enjoy your warm days.


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