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Pool covers

Using pool covers can:
• Prevent accidents
• Keep water clean
• Retain a pool’s heat
• Protect from weather damage

Safety covers may be mesh or solid. These pool covers are required to hold 485 pounds per square feet. The safety cover is pulled tightly over a swimming pool and anchored with straps to a deck, minimizing the risk of poolside accidents.

To maintain a pool’s heat solar pool covers, also called solar blankets, are helpful. This type of pool cover traps the sun’s heat in a bubble wrap-like material and transfers it to the pool’s water. When used as night it keeps the heat inside the pool and away from the night’s crisp air.

Winter pool covers come in mesh and solid. They keep pools safe of seasonal elements, such as rain and falling leaves, and keep algae from forming inside pools during their off season. To determine a winter pool covers durability check for its scrim, or weave tightness, the higher the scrim the higher the durability.


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