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Pool filters

The three main types of pool filters are:
• Sand
• Cartridge
• Diatomaceous Earth
Which a person chooses to used depends on a pool’s size, usage and location.

The sand filter collects pool debris in a sand bed that removes debris as fine as 40 microns in size. These are the most commonly used pool filters, since they work well with most pools. Unlike cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters, sand filters require no annual maintenance.

Cartridge filters employ a paper-like, pleated cartridge to remove debris as fine as 10 microns in size. These pool filters are less expensive and easier to clean than the Sand and Diatomaceous Earth filters. Cartridge filters require less cleaning because they generally filter areas of 300 to 400 feet.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE filters are the most expensive of the three and contain advanced features. These pool filters use a method of plastic grids and a powdery substance (diatomaceous earth) to collect debris as fine as 5 microns in size. DE filters are sensitive and require more maintenance then sand and cartridge filters making them impractical for heavily used pools.


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