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Pool supplies

Taking precautions by using the correct pool supplies will guard against tragic accidents. Alarms, which use electronic sensors, can alert owners if a child, pet or intruder has entered the pool. Fences are another option; they create a barrier to pool access, along with pool covers.

Keeping a pool clean takes more than chlorine. Pool supplies such as pool filters maintain cleanliness by keeping out debris. Pool chemicals can also keep a pool’s water clean and bright by protecting against bacteria build up.

Technicalities aside, pool supplies can simply add to the fun of owning a pool. Pool lights create an enticing ambience for night time entertaining. While cold water can be warmed to a comfortable temperature with pool heaters.

Supplies should be stored in a safe place that is dry and out of the sun to protect from corrosion and prolong their usability. Harmful chemicals should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Keeping extra supplies on hand is also a good idea.


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