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Swimming pool covers

Everybody knows that swimming pool covers can help to make sure the pool stays clean when it is not in use. But there are some other uses for pool covers that some are unaware of.

The right kind of pool cover can actually attract and circulate the sun’s heat into your pool water. This can extend swimming season a couple months in either direction.

It is actually pretty simple the way that this happens. First of all, if you use a pool heater that helps keep the water warm in the first place, this is a good initial step. What happens is a large amount of the heat that is pumped into your pool evaporates and leaves the pool soon after it enters inside, unless you invest in a cover.

Swimming pool covers are placed tightly on the pool and do not allow any heat from the pool to escape. This means that all of the warm water you are paying to pump into the pool is able to stay in there longer. Pool covers also cut down on water evaporation and can save you money in the pool chemical department.

This is a good thing because it means that the swimming pool covers will be able to keep the pool warmer in mid-spring and early fall – times when it is usually to cold to swim.


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