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Swimming pool equipment

Swimming pool equipment is determined by several different factors. Perhaps the most important of all these factors is the type of pool you own.

Simply put, different types of pools require different types of equipment. Sure there are some pieces of equipment that are required by all pool types, but for the most specific pieces of equipment, the types used are determined by the pool.

For example:

• Above ground pool – An above ground pool requires some different types of equipment than a typical pool might require. For example, the ladders for an above ground pool are certainly different. Instead of being attached to the pool like they are in an in-ground pool, these ladders are usually shaped like the letter “A” and half lies inside the pool while the other half lies outside the pool area.

• In-ground pool – You are bound to see that filters used for these two different types of pools are quite different. A for an in-ground pool is pretty much part of the pool since it is built into the side wall. The filters used in above ground pools are add-ons placed inside of the pool, but not attached to the wall.

There are several other pieces of swimming pool equipment used in certain ways depending on which kind of pool they are used in.


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