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Swimming pool filters

The swimming pool filters you choose for your pool will have a large effect on how enjoyable your time in the pool is for you and your guests.

Filters are actually available in three main options. There is no right or wrong type of filter you should buy, but it is important to try to make sure you are getting the right one that fits your needs. The available types are:

• Sand filter – Graded sand is used as the medium in these types of filters. Basically the process is that water is able to enter into the filter through the diffuser. After this occurs, the debris and other contaminants are trapped in the grains of sand. In the meantime, the pool water continues to be able to flow though the filter.
• Cartridge filter – The cartridge filter uses something that is similar to a paper-like cartridge as the filter medium. These filters are effective because they anywhere from 300-500 square feet of medium in order to simply be able to make sure that the pool water is filtered. This allows for only having to clean and replace the cartridge once every six months or so.
• Diatomaceous earth – It may be hard to pronounce, but it is still a nice filter. This is a different kind of filter, but equally useful. Basically these kinds of filters use sedimentary rock to serve as the medium. These DE filters tend to run at a higher water pressure than most cartridge or sand filters. This may lead to inefficiency and flow loss inside of the pool.

Each of these swimming pool filters has their advantages and disadvantages. Your responsibility is to try and figure out which is best for you and your family. Or pay someone to tell you that information.


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