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Swimming pool pumps

Swimming pool pumps work together with your other pool machinery to circulate water through the filter and back into the pool. It’s really not an optional piece of equipment.

A swimming pool pump is a delicate mechanism, though, and must be properly maintained for optimum performance.

• Clear out debris – Nobody likes debris in the pool. By debris getting caught in the pump, there is the potential for problems to occur since debris can make the water flow not work correctly and seriously alter the pump’s effectiveness or even burn out its motor.
• Check the parts – The best way to check if all the parts of the pump are working is to watch and listen. If something does not sound right, it probably is not right. Do not run the pump outside of the water or it will overheat.

By doing these two things to check up on your swimming pool pump, you will be able to keep the pumps operating well.


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