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Swimming pool supplies FAQs

What kind of material should I look for in a pool cover?
A mesh safety cover fabric is one of the most popular and a very useful kind of pool cover, but it’s not a safety cover. The mesh is actually made of 100 percent polypropylene. One of the best things about having a mesh fabric is the fact that the water that falls as rain will be able to find its way through the mesh and into the pool.

The mesh works almost like a colander would in the kitchen. The water goes through without a problem, but other items, like leaves, rocks, grass and other things will stay in one place. The best pool covers are usually designed to stretch over the pool and anchor to the walls instead of merely resting on top of it.

Because these covers can be guaranteed to face a lot of the sun at its hottest times, it may be best to look for a cover that has been UV-protected. If it has been, the cover will likely be able to last longer to without one.

How can I have a good time in my spa, regardless of the weather?
It is typical for a person to want to spend time outdoors, even if he doesn’t want to have to deal with all of the outdoor elements around him.

Thanks to spa enclosures, people are able to be in their spas outside of their homes, but still be protected from the outside elements. Enclosures look something like giant bubbles inside which the spa sits.

They are growing in popularity because they allow people to overcome a lot of problems associated with having a spa outdoors. For example, if it is cold, windy, rainy or bug-infested outside, enclosures will help you deal with those problems.

There are other ways of dealing with Mother Nature, but using enclosures is likely the one that makes most financial sense if your spa has already been built outside of the walls of your home.

I’m looking to buy a pool heater. How big should it be?
The answer to this question depends a lot on how big the pool is and how warm you intend to keep it. In order to determine the right size, you should first understand at which temperature you would like to keep the pool at. The closer this temperature is to the actual temperature the air is, the better.

Next, you should determine what the average temperature is going to be for the coldest month that you will use the pool. Next, you should subtract the average temperature from the temperature that you desire. This number will give you the temperature rise.

Then, calculate the surface area of the pool. After this is done, you can use a mathematical formula that tells you exactly what you need to best run the heater.


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